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月別: 2016年5月









Hello and Namaste! The weather has been really nice these days and it lifts up our mood for sure.

Summer is around the corner, so here is a little information about things you can enjoy with your children.

Practicing yoga not only benefits the adult but the young children as well. Yoga balances the autonomic nerve, therefore some communities in Japan bring Pranayama and meditation into daily practice for the children. Yoga has tremendous benefit for the child’s mental stability and improve focus, thus it is an advantage when he or she needs to study for various exams. There is also physical benefit such as increasing the sense of balance and the flexibility.

If the children practice yoga together with their parents, not only they can build higher self awareness but communicate with their parents on a deeper level.










Traditional Hatha Yoga

I hope all had a wonderful Golden Week. Today I want to write a little bit about traditional Hatha Yoga.

There is two types of yoga here, the Hatha yoga and Raja yoga. 

The  word of “HATHA” is joint by the “HA (ह) and THA(ठ)”. The meaning of the ‘HA’ is Sun and the meaning of the ‘THA’ is Moon. This is the representation of the body and mind. You can create strong life force by balancing out the two. There is a saying “Opposite Attract”. Two people who have very different qualities make good balance by filling the gap one doesn’t have, and I believe this is similar to what Hatha yoga aim to have: The strong life force. 

Going back to the main topic, the purpose of the Hatha yoga is to obtain the healthy body and the longevity. The Hatha yoga tries to balance the two, static (mind) and motion (body),  to purify the body. By doing so, the body’s nervous system, sympathetic and parasympathetic will be well balanced. It is extremely important when one tries to have strong and wholesome body. 

The purpose of the Raja yoga is to control the mind and  reach the highest conscious of the self. Raja Yoga is not physical exercise, rather it is spiritual and mental exercise through pranayama and meditation. 

There is a close link to the Raja yoga and the Hatha yoga. In order to purify the mind, its essential to keep the body healthy. if your body doesn’t heal then no spiritual adventure can be progressed in your mind. Therefore Hatha yoga and Raja yoga strongly connect to each other. I’ve heard if one has healthy organs, one has less likely to have mental illness. I believe this is similar to the relationship Hatha yoga and Raja yoga has.